VeVeRo – Status

How nice that you have found our webshop for sustainable food. Soon there will be vegetable foods such as nuts, seeds and dried fruits, along with aromatic coffee and vegan wines. Until then, we have to ask for a little patience.

The idea for VeVeRo has been around for a long time. Since December 2018 we have been working on the implementation. As a first step, the website belonging to the shop has now gone online. At you can find out everything about what drives us, which foods we will offer and why a plant-based diet is healthy.

In order to be able to go online with the shop as quickly as possible, we are working intensively on networking with suppliers, warehouses and dispatch logistics. If you want to stay up to date, come back soon or play it safe and subscribe to our newsletter.

Best regards
Reiner Reinhold