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Are you looking for a sustainable shop for organically grown nuts, seeds and dried fruits? You like to enjoy a fragrant cup of coffee or a good glass of wine? Then have a look around in our shop. Here at VeVeRo you will find organic products from selected suppliers. To protect your wallet, we pack the products in larger quantities. This not only saves packaging material, but also has an effect on all stages of production, so that in the end everyone stands out as a winner.

What does VeVeRo offer?

VeVeRo offers you a selection of storable foods. You will find nuts and seeds in different qualities. For example, hemp seeds unpeeled, peeled or suitable for sprouting. So you always get the product you really need. In addition to nuts and dried fruits, there is a selection of high-quality coffees and wines. The coffees come from smallholder farms, are harvested by hand and refined in the gentle drum roasting process. All wines are vegan and organic. Enjoy the entire variety of vegetarian, vegan and raw products.

When selecting our goods, we always keep an eye on fair dealings with our suppliers as well as on environmental and climate protection. Because we view our actions in a broader context and look for ways to avoid environmental pollution, plan ahead and conserve resources. We have already deeply internalised this behaviour in our private lives and would like to provide you with easy access to food that can be measured against these standards with the VeVeRo range.

What does sustainable mean for VeVeRo?

VeVeRo sells products from natural and fair cultivation in certified organic quality. That is the basis. To do this we work with carefully selected suppliers and use packaging that is as climate-neutral as possible. Due to the larger packages we need less packaging material. But don't worry, the size is still handy and easy to store. Thus we avoid garbage, reduce the delivery frequency and you save money. Perhaps you would like to enjoy with your friends? Then use the synergy and order together.

Of course, our shipping is also climate-neutral, because we use DHL GoGreen. VeVeRo assumes responsibility in all areas of our operations, which we continuously improve in an effort to preserve our common environment for future generations. We are sending out a signal against climate change!

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At VeVeRo you will find vegetarian, vegan and raw delicacies - delicious, healthy and sustainable.

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Colourful is healthy: vegetable foods offer plenty of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

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