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Who's VeVeRo?

VeVeRo stands for the terms "vegetarian", "vegan" and "raw". Three diets that prefer herbal products and offer numerous benefits for people and the environment. Do you eat according to one of these diets? Then you will find many suitable products here. Would you like to include more vegetable foods in your diet? Then take your time to look around. Click here to go to the shop

VeVeRo offers a high-quality range of vegetarian, vegan and raw foods. The range includes above all sustainable products, preferably from smaller manufacturers and producers who are convincing with their concept and their goods.

VeVeRo offers added value

VeVeRo generates double added value:

  • As a customer, you receive very good products at a reasonable price.
  • In our work, fairness, authenticity and nature conservation are the main principles.

VeVeRo renounces the pursuit of the greatest possible profit at the expense of others. A lean organisation and cooperation with fair partners and often direct contact with producers and manufacturers anchors sustainability in all business areas. This is the foundations for a strong community of values.

The person behind VeVeRo

Reiner ReinholdI'm Reiner Reinhold. For more than 20 years I have been living as a vegetarian, have tried many things and prefer natural, raw food if possible. There are many reasons for this: In addition to health interests, the environment, the climate and a more social world are at the centre of my considerations. My family shares this view. High-quality food is a matter of course for us, a fragrant cup of coffee and a good glass of wine are part of it.

Friends say about me that I "like to do things differently". Probably they see that I attach importance to shaping my life freely and self-determined. This attitude was probably also shaped by my stay of several years in South Africa, from Johannesburg to Cape Town. In the memories a very nice time, eventful with many personal changes and perhaps from this time comes the conviction that you sometimes have to swim against the tide to reach a goal.

With VeVeRo, a new phase of life begins that builds on the experiences of my life. I like the idea of VeVeRo to make a universal contribution and in cooperation with partners to provide a range of healthy, sustainable and enjoyable food.

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Our offer

Learn more about organic products at fair prices, in quantities that are worthwhile - environmentally friendly packaging.

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Fit with VeVeRo

Colourful is healthy: vegetable foods offer plenty of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

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